Enjoying You in All Your Relationships

It’s no secret that it takes two to create and preserve a relationship that is healthy. I also know there’s a lot one man can do to change the dynamics of any relationship, although I would agree with this statement. And since none of us have the ability to change another man, it just makes sense the finest place to start in our relationships is with ourselves.

At our local Super Walmart, there is a gentleman there by the name of George. He grins at the guests and with a jubilant tone, he asks people how they’re doing. He is singing and loving life wholeheartedly, when he is not talking to someone. George has the ability to alter me and my mood, just by being who he is. By honoring what’s important to him – joy – he brings out the finest in his Walmart relationships.¬†check it out –¬†pronta para o romance funciona

Our lives are touched by many relationships. There are other kinds of relationships too while most folks define a relationship as existing between two people. The one component of your relationships that stays constant, nevertheless, is you. So as we investigate the relationships in your lifetime, as it relates to each of these relationships that are valuable I’d like to encourage you to ask yourself these important questions.

Who are you in this relationship?

Who would you want to be in this relationship?

What values that are important can you need to define this relationship?

What needs are being met or not being met in this relationship?

Is esteem practiced in this relationship?

Does this relationship give you positive energy? Or does you drain?

In what ways can you nurture this relationship?

What changes must occur in this relationship?

Relationship with God

God is the Rock. He is your foundation. He’s the Source for an unending way to obtain peace, love, patience and wisdom.

Relationship with Self

Without admiration and love on your own, it’s hard to adore and value others. An authentic relationship with you is critical to creating relationships that are honest and open with others. So it is possible to be emotionally and physically accessible for your other important relationships the relationship with self must be nurtured frequently.

Relationship with Partner

Although this relationship may or may not exist in your family, if it does, it’s the connection that ties your family together. This connection must be strong enough to resist the challenges of building a healthy family and raising your children.

Relationship with Kids

We’ve been entrusted by God to be protector and their spirit provider. Our children depend on us for teaching, guidance, and most importantly, love.

Relationship with Siblings and Parents

These relationships were our main relationships in life. It is where we practiced how to be in relationship with others. Today the well-being of our relationships influences.

Relationship with Friends

Our friends, depending on who we pick, have the ability to be a terrific support for us. Buddies fulfill psychological needs that are significant for girls, and remind us that sharing, fun and bond is essential for our general well being.

Relationship with Coworkers, Supervisor and Customers

Much of what we experience at work is brought to our nearest and dearest. Our working relationships can inspire us or drain us, so it is significant that we select these relationships prudently.


Relationship with Money and Time

Although time and money aren’t beings that are human, they can be precious commodities in our life. How we choose to spend our time affects every relationship in our lives. Our relationship with cash holds energy in our lives. We’ve got the ability to attract or repel money based on how we treat it.

In each of these and other relationships that are important, you happen to be a contributor that is vital. So be yourself and align you relationships with your values. Make some time because, ultimately, relationships are that truly matter to nurture your relationships.